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February 7, 2006 at 3:18 am Leave a comment

Okay, so I may know what I’m doing. Sex and the City is still all the rage, probably because it allowed women to not only feel empowered but also a little naive, vulnerable, sensitive, sexual, and most importantly, taugh us to laugh at our follies.
So at the risk of being completely mainstream, my next adventure will be into the world of dating, therefore – much to my chagrin, although I’m trying to reinvent myself as the bold woman I am so often in my writing – I will have to really put myself out there. Yes, I’m going to attempt the dreaded speed dating! I may go beyond that to just general internet matching sites, which is frightening but will certainly feed my curiosity. And honestly, this is a trip I am taking for the sake of my art, not my libido.
And don’t worry…this isn’t a memoir! It is a novel that may be loosely based on occurances in my life, although I shant say which ones are fiction and which are experience – I don’t want to ruin the fun, or get yelled at by Oprah when she picks it as one of her favorite things (that’s right, totally by-passing the book club).


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This is pretty cheesey, but it’s cathartic so I don’t care… Dr.Strangelove saves the day…

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