This is pretty cheesey, but it’s cathartic so I don’t care…

February 7, 2006 at 3:09 am Leave a comment

What I want…

Someone who will
light up when he sees me
call me because I crossed his mind
accept and appreciate me for who I am
understand that one’s faults
play just as important a part in
defining character as one’s greatest attributes
read my favorite book just to understand me a little better
feel my absurdities are a result of my artistic nature
not early onset dementia
help me feel like I’m the only one in the room
always be honest, always trust me
look up to me
help me laugh through my tears

And I in turn
look up to him
light up when he enters my line of vision
feel completely safe with him
want to tell him everything, without fear
involve myself in his life to understand who he is
learn about his past lives to know why
am always attentive, empathetic, and loving
ask him to be an active figure in my life
thank him for all that he does for me
appreciate everything that he is


Entry filed under: rants.

Stalled. Here’s an idea…

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