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February 19, 2006 at 10:01 pm Leave a comment

This may infact be my new favorite site; provides an outlet not only for photographers, but has a huge gallery dedicated to photoshopped works, most of which are really incredible. I will probably lift photos from this site in the future for use here, just to spur my imagination and critique. Sometimes even constant thinkers need a muse…squareegg.jpg

Today I will address the concept of the square egg. I feel this must be mentioned because it has come up recently several times. Perhaps the gods are trying to tell me something.

This photo was concieved for the "Round things square" competition. There were many fantastical entries, but this one I found particularly fascinating. Several years back during my time managing a kitchen and fine dining store, I came across a wonderful little item, completely useless but a great icebreaker. It is an egg cuber. The design is simple; a square cavity hold the shelled, boiled egg, and after a plug is inserted into the top, the threaded lid is tightened, allowing the pliable egg to mold to the inside of the chamber.cubedegg.jpg

Isn't it fantastic? I've actually only done this twice, since I really have no use for square eggs. Apparently no one else does either, because production on the item stopped four years ago. And when they were being made, try as I might, no one wanted this ecclectic little goody. One woman even told me "Oh, I'm not fancy enough for something like that!" I had no idea cubed food was so upper crust.


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