Not if you were the last manic depressive on earth… set the mood with: we used to be friends – the dandy warhols

March 22, 2006 at 4:30 am 1 comment

New developments on the “Megan’s life is so dramatic books must be written in order to inform the public of the insanity that lives among us” front. Art must imitate life, and so in light of my continuing (problematic) attraction those who are psychologically abnormal (I would say challenged or unstable, but I don’t consider narcissism to fit that schema), Writer’sBlog 2008 will revolve around the problems of manic depression (particularly those who refuse treatment due to past drug dependencies, not that I’m referring to anyone specific here) and the problems of ‘battered wife syndrome’ (It’s not just for the married! Singles are also at risk!).

The working title is “Not is you were the last manic depressive on earth” simply because I like to think that if I go with this, Courtney Taylor-Taylor -aka the sexiest man alive- will drop me a line congratulating me for my cleverosity and most excellent taste in music. We would laugh about existentialism a bit, then get it on.

Other potential titles include:
I’m unstable enough on my own, but thanks for the offer
SWF – Crazies need not apply
Your manic is lovely, leave the depression at home
Saving Ourselves (from people like you)
I don’t care how handsome you are, get away from me
Meds are not an option

I could go on, but even I’m getting a little tired of myself.
The problem of course is that all these titles, due to the subject matter, lends itself to the self-help section of Chapters, which I’m not partial too in the least.

On to a different topic, one which supplies fewer awkward chuckles and more regular chuckles, I am also going to add a column to Writer’sBlog2008 which will focus on society’s impending decay as the baby boomers move out of the office buildings and into nursing homes, and the MTV Generation (my generation) replaces them.

Upcoming articles will include:
‘It’s, like, filling the void, like, while I think…you know?’
‘Life: A Make-Work Project’
‘Can you eat broad-band?’
‘You try, and you failed, the lesson here is never try’

Stay tuned!


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an old 20GB from 2004, no video, no colour, just scratches and destroyed earphones… set the mood: Combat Baby – Metric consumerism defines westerners…that’s really embarrassing – set the mood: The Supermarket Strikes Back – Mull Historical Society

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  • 1. Marsha  |  March 29, 2006 at 11:41 pm

    Very entertaining post. I hope it was meant that way. Cause I could picture this being said at a stand up comic club.


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