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This must be quick since I'm behind on a lot of things right now, but since school is wonderful and spurs great creative momentum in me (both fuelled by my studies, but also by my desire to do anything but) I'll run this off super quick.

I couldn't help but laugh today, to myself without any trigger, about those new garbage bags that are white and stretchy. The commercial is hilarious because the woman is depicted shoving in all these things into this wonderfully innovative stretchy garbage bag that is rip-resistant.

This commerical is funny to me because everything she shoves into this crazy bag should never be thrown out. Pizza boxes? Recyclable. Metal hangers? Salvation Army. Why are we encouraging this type of behaviour? Because we want to sell plastic bags that don't rip. We're already destroying the environment as it is, who cares if a few million pizza boxes and hangers contribute to the mess we've made of our agricultural and ecological systems.

It embarrasses me that commercials are defining us as a group of nations who are not interested in anything but consumption and waste. I can't imagine what other groups would think if they saw our commercials for Swiffers and Fords – the image that they would conjure in their minds as to the type of people we are.

Another absolutely brilliant commercial is the Becel spot when the two business people are trapped on the escalator. It's hilarious and depressing at the same time, since although it takes our reliance on technology further than is realistic (I was on an escalator last week which broke down mid-ride; no one thought twice, just started walking), but let's not forget that horrible blackout several summers ago, or the many ice storms Canada is prone to. My parents replaced a perfectly good electric stove with a (wonderful) gas stove, simply because they wanted the ability to have a cup of tea in the event of a power outage. Retail workers and consumers alike go crazy when the electronic banking networks fail and people are forced to choose between cash or leaving empty handed.

But I know that if I had to explain to someone who had never seen the west, and knows nothing of our technological innovations, what we are like, I'd air that Becel commercial. Not the creepy stretchy bag one, though. That would just depress them.


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