Bad Habits… set the mood: sympathique – pink martini

June 8, 2006 at 1:25 pm Leave a comment

It is almost inevitable that, upon the onslaught of great periods of stress, one reaches out to the familiar in order to remain stable. When stress hits me, I consume chocolate like the government will implement rationing orders next week. When the pressure is relieved, I return to a high proteine, high veggie diet, shrugging off sugary goodness in favour of salmon or cottage cheese.

However comforting food may be, it, along with the popular stimulants and depressants, are not the only supportive addictions we face during emotionally draining times. Yes, I often seek the comfort of a friend – some offer sound advice while others excel in simply distracting me with laughter. It is, after all, the best medicine.

And yet there are other comforts saught from fellow humans. It is difficult, extremely difficult to hear a voice on an answering machine, a voice that for so long brought such comfort. Even just having become accustomed to one’s voice, regardless of the implications of said relationship, reminds you of a familiarity that is hard to ignore.

Here, I refer to a different addiction, one commonly overlooked. This addiction is lead by the feeling that, although one is aware that another is horrible in almost every way, there is always, in women at least, that strong sense that perhaps this time things will be different. This is the very reason answering machine save options are horrible little inventions. It enables you to further recapture those moments during which you contemplate falling off the wagon.

Proudly, I have witheld so far; disappointment I’ve found has allowed me the excuse to return to such horribly comfortable creatures in the past — yet this time I want to be able to say that I did not give in. That I did not answer the phone. That I did not call back. And that I did not change his display name, which has been saved under “Crazy”, back to his actual name. Deep down I know the new one is rather fitting.


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