January 31, 2007 at 3:23 am 1 comment

Okay, so I’m walking back from the store and it’s a typical Capital winter night (-18ish).  I’ve just gone to the gym, I’ve got a Loblaws bag full of protein (tuna and cottage cheese), wearing a snowboarding jacket, hood up, listening to my iPod.  Along comes this Young’un in a black Jeep Cherokee from like 1987.  He’s stopped at the light as I walk by, and I see his eye on me and he reaches out and rolls down the passenger window so I can get a really good listen to his ‘sick tunes’ (note: I don’t even really know what a sick tune is. I just assume this is an appropriate way to describe it other than ‘total shit’).

I laughed to myself and noted loudly that Tom Waits would impress me, not rap or hip hop or whatever that was.  Then commented: “Oh, no wait.  If you were my boyfriend, I’d be impressed.” (by this of course I mean my guy impresses me more than Tom Waits, possibly because he keeps his Waits cds in chronological order on a seperate rack away from the rest of his collection, not that I’d be impressed if this random guy with the bebop were my boyfriend – that would just be ludicrous).

So then I wondered why the hell guys do shit like this.  Is it attention? Do they want me to take notice of them cause they know how to turn their car radio up?  Or is it more fantastical than that; do they think that if they turn up their bad mainstream music in front of enough girls one of them will tear off their stripper pants and top and start grinding against the hood?  Or is it like Jerry Seinfeld said: have men have not only run out of ideas, but that their ideas just weren’t very good to begin with?  And then that leads me to wonder if their ideas were never good in the first place, why did so many women fall for them?

Le Sigh.


Entry filed under: My Generation - a social commentary.

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  • 1. Laura  |  May 18, 2007 at 3:33 am

    I want to be a blue stocking spinster with you forever. It’s funny, I’ve always thought blogs were silly but now I’ve realized that this inner dialogue that I’ve kept within my brain (and I think has been stunting me socially) is actually an INNER BLOG. Perhaps I should get myself a blog so that some of my friends may “go back in time” to pasts blogs and see what I was thinking at those times… or I could just write them so that they may be ignored by my friends like on Corner Gas. Anyways, the comment I would like to leave imprinted on this WONDERFUL blog is: “I could not agree more, Tom Waits or any music from any sort of vehicle is never appealing to a woman…it’s retarded, just plain stupid, and it acts as an indicator to how insipid and silly-minded the man behind the wheel is. It also demonstrates how a man judges a woman’s ability to value people and relationships and is proof that individuals of this nature believe women to be nothing more than fickle and simple minded”


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