An Open Letter to a Sick Fuck… Happiness is a Warm Gun – the beatles

April 25, 2007 at 2:38 am Leave a comment

Dear Daniel Ledonne,

Thank you Sir, for your decision to make “Super Columbine Massacre RPG” for the PC. Your act of defiance against such concepts as ‘respecting the dead’ has certainly illuminated the degree to which Western culture has caused a severe amount of decay within our souls, which has intern added to the hourly decay of our culture. It’s a vicious cycle.

Yes, it seems I was left out of the loop for some time (this was released in 2005 I believe), but after hearing about your piece of “art” on CBC radio today (I love you CBC!), I was rather disgusted and my faith in humanity fell just a little.

You were a loner in highschool; boo-hoo. So was I. As were many others. You listened to Marilyn Manson and NIN. So did I. I still rock out to NIN when I’m running or at the gym. It’s just good “GRRARRR!” music. But why must you use it for evil? Additionally, you make those of us who went through years of goth music and enui look like nutjobs. We’re all a little weird and eccentric, but nutjobs? Naw.

First off, I don’t believe video games are “art”. But of course, lots of things are not “art”. Like I’d say to Robert Bateman if we ever bumped into one another at a cheese tasting: Just because you use the same materials does not automatically classify it as “art”.

I understand what you were trying to do, really. You compiled photos of bodies, news articles and clips, slipped in clever excuses for the killers actions (Manson cd, a copy of DOOM, Nirvan bkgd music, blah blah blah) in an attempt to satirize the fact that the media is pointing fingers at said types of media as the reason why kids keep doing this type of shit. I have read the literature and there seems to be pretty good evidence stating that violent media spurs aggression. The problem is that no one is going to take your opinion seriously when you directly contribute to the problem. This is probably because you’re misguided and immature.

No, violent movies and violent video games don’t rear kids who go postal at school. I’m proof of that, and despite the fact that I looove really violent horror movies, have read everything written by Stephen King (shut it! It’s the only pop-lit I indulge in!), and tend to create rather “morbid” or “grisly” art, I am rarely aggressive and do not agree in real violence of any kind.

I’m not aggressive or violent CAUSE I’M NOT CRAZY. Okay, I’m a little crazy, but it’s that cute, endearing kind of crazy. If you’re a sociopath, which is the result of an unfortunate and precise combination of genes and environment, then you’ll probably snap and do something stupid like kill 12 (or 30) people after hours of stewing in your own anger while playing Grand Theft Auto. And since this doesn’t happen ever hour, video games aren’t the cause. But they certainly don’t help the situation, and neither do you by creating something as sick as SCMRPG. That’s like creating a Holocaust RPG that allows you to play the role of a nazi in which you do the horrendous things nazis did to Jews, Blacks, Gays, the handicapped, etc…

I don’t understand why we can’t all just play happy stoner video games like Super Mario Bros. Stomping on mushrooms with teeth and turning into a racoon never added to some sociopath’s blood lust.

Anywho, I have to study and you’re a sick fuck.



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