cupcakes, rosewater, and francois truffaut… set mood: sympathique – pink martini (yes, this song is my life)

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Until the day comes when I may spend every working hour baking delicious vegan/gluten-free/diabeteic-friendly goods, I’ll just have to make my days off as relaxing as possible. And when I relax, I tend to do pilates or yoga, do some writing, and bake. Even though I spend every day baking at work, there is something less than satisfying about baking someone elses hard work. As yummy as the scones are at my place of employment, I myself cannot enjoy them, and my natural independence has me wanting a place of my own.

So today I cycled to the local bulk store and natural food store to pick up the ingredients for three batches I wanted to whip up for tomorrow as a farewell to a coworker. I picked the Mexican Hot Chocolate, the Red Velvet, and the Coconut Lime cupcakes from “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World”

I changed these recipes a bit too, to make them gluten-free or gluten-reduced (the red velvets I made with spelt, the other two with quinoa and white rice flour), and used applesauce instead of oil, splenda instead of sugar.


Opting to not listen to Isa and Terry about using papers only, I picked up some coloured silicone cups since I knew the reduced fat version I’d be making would be difficult to free from papers.

I must say, if being a vegan baker means I can spend four hours baking cute cupcakes, drinking rose-scented water from a crystal goblet, and watching French new wave films (I chose Truffaut’s “Day For Night” – a movie for people who love movies), I’ve found my calling. Throw in writing a few chapters of the book I’ve not yet begun to write, and today would be the greatest day off ever (okay, I worked on a short story…a bit).

One of my many hidden talents that remain hidden only because of their uselessness came in handy at last. I’ve got this ability to sculpt little things, in particular tiny heads. Example:


Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I know, the similarity is remarkable. The only thing remotely remarkable would be that he is about an inch high. Yeah, I belong in Ripley’s.

To decorate them, I decided to pay tribute to my upcoming trip to Mexico (fingers crossed, I haven’t actually booked a flight yet) for Day of the Dead by making little marzipan sombrero topped skulls on chocolate ganache and the Red Velvet some small red flowers on pink icing. I know, marzipan isn’t gluten-free, so I only ate a little, I swear.


It took me about 6 hours in total to make the three batches. The Coconut Lime cupcakes sank because I put a little lime juice in to help with the moisture of the gluten-free flours, but it ended up being too much. Regardless, they are super moist. I like to think that even if they sink a bit, moisture can make up for it.

After spending the day eating nothing but little tastings of the batters and icings, along with too many fruit sweetened smarties, I felt really really sick. It seemed strange to sit down with a small salad topped with grilled chicken after being a vegan baker all day, but considering I don’t eat wheat, sugar, eggs, or dairy, a little chicken is acceptable.


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Sedimentary Rock Vegan Cupcakes, test #1… set the mood: Summerlong – Emm Gryner

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