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It’s not surprising that my iPod died last month, this month I’ve lost access to my main email account that I’ve had for 7 years, and my computer is very very sick.  So sick that it’s given up the struggle to live.  He’s now being treated, but the diagnosis is not for certain.  He may need to be replaced.

And it’s not surprising that this happened before I was able to backup my files. 

I tried.  And I actually had a monthly backup system up until March – .mac.com provided a backup along with their exciting internet services I never made use of, as well as the email account I never used.  All for the low low price of 140 dollars a year! Right… when renewal time came around, I scrapped it because it was doing me no good.  Clearly I was wrong.  I tried again, but when I attempted to do a full backup, it was discovered that although my 120gb external drive was all fine and good for saving files one at a time, it was not alright to do a backup because it isn’t mac compatible.  That’s what happens when your PC loving parents buy you compy accessories. 

So now I sit, using a PC (shudder), annoyed by its very PCness, and wondering if, once my files are recovered/my compy is well again, I’ll have lost nothing.  Of course, visions of Sarah Jessica Parker in the mac help centre on Sex and the City, in shock that her computer has failed her, then destroyed that all of her work has been chewed up and spat out in the form of a small jumble of wingdings has entered my mind.  The thought of all of my written work in the last 3 years being turned into squares and happy faces has me crawling to the nearest corner for a small rocking session.  After the weeping, of course.

Despite how horrifying this is, I wonder why.  Why is it that I care so much?

Everyone knows that Mrs. Hemingway lost Mr. Hemingway’s writings – all of them – in a train station.  I’m sure she got quite the drunken beating for that, and with good reason.  Although, methinks Ernest should have kept a tighter leash on his life’s work. 

T E Lawrence lost his first manuscript for Seven Pillars of Wisdom that was about 250,000 words long when he took someone else’s bag in a train station*.  I’m not sure if the word unfortunate or embarrassing is more applicable.

I imagine my lack of creating a solid backup system could be considered embarrassing and not unfortunate.  More like grabbing the wrong bag at the train station than letting my husband travel with my manuscripts under the assumption that if I married him and romped through the 20’s with him that he’s competent enough to not lose my entire creative output. 

Okay, so this is my fault.  I get it.  Hopefully this is just the Gods of Technology playing some kind of joke on me to teach me for not taking anything from tv to heart.  But if this isn’t the case, if everything is gone, what then?  Why should I be upset or afraid? If I believe that I am a good writer with the natural talent that, when nurtured and challenged, could be a great writer [of some sort], then why should I cry when everything is erased? I should be able to rewrite or just start over again, with the strength and confidence to say that I’ll be better this time ’round.  After all, my abilities weren’t in the compy, nor was my drive, imagination, or passion.


*I’ve taken note that, as a writer, I should no longer travel by train. Train stations seem to be back luck zones.


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