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So tired… let rambling ensue… set the mood: ugh… the rhythmic sound of my snoring.

How to define a world in which women gain power and independence by baring mid-drifts and leaving their jeans undone? I wonder, with peelers and Hooters in mind, if the women who use their bodies for economic gain are really clever (entrepreneurs in a way) or stupid – the line is rather fine. Does my question make me a feminist or misogynist? If post-modernism was meant to break down the traditional class lines of expression, allowing everyone to have an equal voice, what does it mean when Creedence and Beefheart are replaced with a hand full of blondes who look and sound the same? This is, of course, the dichotomy of our society, the struggle to remain an individual in a world whose fashion industry pump out the same foreign made articles, whether you pay twenty dollars or three hundred. Which Swiffer suits my individual needs? Why is it that if Dr.Phil says men are the problem, but then yells at the women for being stupid enough to fall for them, then encourages the happy family ideologies from 1950s advertising? Are we really moving forward? Are we stagnant in a world where we’ve quietly agreed to consume only to boost the economy (in this sense we are doing it to help ourselves, not for the material goods, it sounds like capitalism, but it also smells of something else…)? Or are we just making a figure-eight, where we feel as though we are evolving, but we are really just back in the 1950s idealism again, but instead of cold war fear, we are entrenched in WMDs – what do you mean Saddam is buying thousands of Playstations?  Why are gas prices so high? How have they survived so long without our guidence? Does yellow mean they are still jealous of our freedom? Which colour is IN this season, teal or seafoam? I wonder if I feel like a diet Pepsi, or a diet Pepsi with lime…

I need bed.

Soon to follow: Zombie review session.  Why? Cause I was reminded that I’ve not once mentioned zombies in this blog, which is shocking and disturbing, since they are the ultimate metaphor for the Western consumer. Nice segue, eh?

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