An Open Letter to Elvis Radio (Sirius Satellite channel 013)… Rhinestone Cowboy – the One and Only KING, BABY

September 17, 2007 at 9:49 pm 1 comment

Dear Graceland Inhabitors,

So I’ll admit that three weeks ago I couldn’t stand the thought of listening to your station for longer than a busy lunch hour. And yet this morning I found myself going for an all Elvis day, actually listening to the King from 7am until 4pm today. Wow. That’s a lot of King.

And while I spent many a moment saying “Awesome, this song!” I never once was able to proclaim such a thing when Rhinestone Cowboy was played. Know why? BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T PLAY IT ALL DAY.

I heard Suspicious Minds played at 11:23, then again at 1:31, and yet again at 3:18.

And no Rhinestone Cowboy.

I remember hearing that song that sounds like Shake, Rattle, and Roll twice, the song that sounds like Great Balls of Fire twice, and at least a handful of other songs that were played more than once. And you know, I do give you some credit for playing multiple recordings, some of which aren’t available to the public (like the version of Ghost Riders in the Sky you played today, thanks for that), but these songs repeated today WERE THE SAME RECORDING DATES.

You bastards. Did you seriously think no one was going to notice? I know, you’re sitting there in Graceland thinking your hot shit because you control Elvis Radio. I could very easily go out and start a Johnny Cash radio station and control it from Folsom Prison and maybe I’ll even learn to cross the airways and take over your petty little station in an effort to help the world understand that simple black is a far stronger statement then sequins and capes.

Over and Out,



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  • 1. Jordan Luperiasie  |  December 24, 2011 at 12:00 am

    Three weeks ago today I received a call from her telling me the doctor was sending her for an ultrasound and MRI because her “indigestion” turned out to be more.


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